Who We Are

Welcome from Phil Niccolls, Tim Hedrick and our two Labs, Lewis and Chester. As the name of our site suggests, we live in Chicago.

Phil works for the local newspaper, Chicago Tribune, he is the Vice President of Shared Services, General Manager. Tim is the Director of Network Services for Data-Tel in Chicago.

We enjoy many outdoor activities including SCUBA Diving,mountain biking, camping and hiking. As well, we enjoy theater, symphony, reading and are both avid wine enthusiasts.

Chester (offically Lord Chester III)was born on 2/14/2013 and is our newest addition to the family. He is very energetic and extremily smart.

Lewis (Lewis VIII officially) is our 7 year old Black Lab, who is quite rambunctious. He too is a large lab, weighing in at 100 pounds.

If you would like our contact information, please "Bark at Us" and send us an email.

We’re glad you stopped by! Check out “Puppy Kibble” for nuggets about our latest goings-on.

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